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CICSA Co-operative Credit Union Limited

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Share Account

A share account is your membership account.  It provides an annual dividend of up to 6%, qualifies you for life insurance benefits and provides borrowing power.  It also entitles you to vote at Annual General Meetings.

  • Minimum deposit required Cl$25.
  • Provides borrowing power; currently a member qualifies to borrow a maximum of ten times their shares balance if using real estate as their collateral and eight times their shares balance if using other forms of collateral.  Adequate collateral must be provided to secure all loans.
  • Shares earn a high rate of interest in the form of dividends up to 6% per annum, based on our year-end profit, and calculated on the minimum monthly balance, as declared by the membership at Annual General Meetings.
  • This account qualifies for a life insurance benefit.