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Educational Grants2

Am I Eligible For An Educational Grant?

Since 2007 the Credit Union increased its annual budget for Educational Grants to CI$150,000. The current budget of CI$100,000 was approved by members at the last AGM.  The Grants are  provided to assist members with their tertiary education, both locally and overseas. All areas of study are considered although priority is given to areas that need qualified Caymanians, for example teaching, nursing/medicine/and other health care professions; engineering and architecture; technical and trade vocations; law and social work; construction management and accounting.

Requirements For Our Educational Grants
  • To be eligible, one must be a member or child of a member of The CICSA Coop Credit Union Ltd.
  • All funds are allocated amongst the eligible members who apply each year.

The Educational Grant is one of the many benefits offered to  Member-owners of the Credit Union and is intended to assist with the education of our people.

Note: The successful applicant/member is not required to repay the grant –"That's what your Credit Union does for you!"

If you are not eligible for our educational grants or to be a member of our Credit Union we nonetheless encourage you to continue the pursuit of your educational endeavours. We would like to remind you that locally, there are several other institutions and professional societies that offer scholarships from whom you can make enquiries.  We thank you for your interest.

Be persistent…continue to pursue every avenue possible and you will succeed!