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CICSA Co-operative Credit Union Limited

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The Credit Union is pleased to bring you our newest loan products.

The CICSA Co-operative Credit Union is not a public/commercial banking facility, but operates as a ‘co-operative organization’ to serve its members exclusively.

Vehicle Loans

At an interest rate of 8.50%. Need A Loan For A Vehicle? Ask About Our Loan Package On New Vehicles!

Within-Share Loans

We want you to reap the most from your savings. All MSR’s (Tellers) are now trained to process your within share loan! You can borrow any amount up to the total in your Share Account (m..

Overdraft Loans

In emergency situations such as unexpected health related expenses, the Credit Union can arrange an emergency overdraft with the maximum period of 12 months. Interest rates at 12 percent pe..


Completed application including Statement of Affairs/Financial Statements. Two Photo Identifications are required i.e. driver’s license and passport.

Home Construction Loans - Max $350,..

For those of you who would like to build a new home in stages and may not have sufficient collateral as you build, this loan is for you!

Xpress Loan - Max of $5,000 for an..

You may qualify for a maximum of $5,000 for up to 2 years to repay with a low monthly payment of $142.

Debt Consolidation - See how we can..

Have a property or car loan along with any other small loans? Let us help you with one easy payment