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CICSA Co-operative Credit Union Limited

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Available Products

Share Account

A share account is your membership account. It provides an annual dividend of up to 6%, qualifies you for life insurance benefits and provides borrowing power. It also entitles you to vote at Annual General Meetings.

Savings Account

A special savings account is created for members who need to move funds in and out of this account. There is no minimum deposit required, but interest rates are lower than the Share Account.

Loans (Various Types)

There are two types of Loans. Within shares and
out of shares. For a within share loan, the member's shares act as collateral. This can allow the loan to be granted immediately and at preferred interest rates.

Fixed Deposits

A Fixed Deposit can provide short or long term investing with a fixed interest rate for the term of investment.


In emergency situations such as unexpected health related expenses, the Credit Union can arrange an emergency overdraft with the maximum period of 12 months. Interest rates at 12 percent per annum and a convenient monthly repayment.

Children’s Accounts

This account is modeled on the special savings account and currently offers 0.50% interest per annum, paid quarterly whilst encouraging your child to develop healthy saving habits.

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