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Special Services

Cash Advances

Cash Advances are available for up to 50% of the eligible member’s salary repayable upon your next pay-date.

Fee: 10% of The Amount Applied For Successfully.

Requirements For The Cash Advances Services
  • Applying Member must have an account for at least 3 months.
  • Account must have an active history.
  • Account must not be delinquent.
  • Member must provide a current job-letter.
  • Member must provide most recent pay slip.
  • All Cash Advances are 50% of remaining monthly salary AFTER all loan payments have been deducted.
  • All Cash Advances will be required to be repaid by the following pay-day.
  • Cash Advances are repaid at a rate of 10%.
  • Cash Advances are not issued during the month of July due to our financial year end.

Click below to find the application form.

Cash Advance Agreement